What exactly is our Anycast DDoS Protection?

This is our own custom stackable DDoS mitigation solution which is designed for large clients who require the absolute best in regards to DDoS mitigation capacity and require filtering for any region-specific attacks that may go towards their services. It is also preferred by clients who have a very large and diverse player base that spans different continents.

How would this benefit my servers exactly?

It has the same filtering "power" as our custom DDoS protection with the addition of being stackable to multiple locations with multiple instances to be able to filter DDoS traffic at a much larger capacity. Each POP acts as a "scrubbing location" and filters everything. The service is expandable to fit the needs of the client regardless of their service. An example is that many source engine DDoS attacks come directly from Europe and can be filtered by the London point of presence instead of all attacks going directly to Dallas which could cause issues upstream on our end depending on the size of the attack.

How would this affect my players experience?

A direct benefit with an anycast-based system is that since players would connect to our servers through the POP that is closest to them, there is less potential for them to have congestion or routing related issues from their ISP when connecting to our servers. They would also have the potential of lowering their overall latency since they would connect to our servers as soon as possible then would route through an optimized route to the endpoint without having to rely on their ISP or what routes their ISP decides takes to get to our servers. This is very useful for clients who either have a very bad ISP or live very far away from the endpoint but close to one of our POPs.

Due to the custom and costly nature of this service, please contact us here to learn more.

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