Who are we?

We are a company that provides DDoS protected hosting services for large servers and resellers. Some examples of what we currently offer are game servers, voice servers, web servers, dedicated machines and custom built solutions for other GSPs. Every single service that we offer is running off of our fully custom control panel. Everything is made entirely from scratch including our custom anycast-based DDoS mitigation system. We own all of our hardware and operate our own network (AS19186) and do not directly rely on any single provider unlike the majority of game server providers. If you are looking for the absolute best then look no further.


We strive to innovate with every single thing we do. We built our own fully custom control panel, infrastructure, and stackable in-house DDoS mitigation system to ensure that our clients are always excited about anything that we offer.


We have been continuously upgrading the services that we offer over time. In a relatively short amount of time, we acquired a considerable portion of the Garry's Mod server hosting market and have only been leaping into other markets as time goes on.