Who are we?

We are a New York based hosting company that provides DDoS protected hosting services. Some examples of what we provide are game servers, voice servers and web servers with dedicated resources in mind. We thrive at what we do because we love our job and want to help take the pain away from hosting any service.

We also recently opened our own Location in Dallas where we operate our own network (AS19186) and own all of the hardware. We are currently moving all of our current clients from our US East location to our new Dallas location. We will be discontinuing our US East location in the near future.


We strive to innovate with every single thing we do. We built our own fully custom game control panel, network infrastructure and stackable in-house DDoS mitigation system to ensure that we keep growing and expanding. Without innovation, no company is better than any.


We have been constantly updating and upgrading the services that we offer over time. In a relatively short amount of time, we took a considerable part of the Garry's Mod server hosting market and have only been growing since then. Once we fully drop our old US East location, our growth should be even faster!