DDoS Protected CSGO Server Hosting

Some benefits from choosing us for your CSGO server host are:

Superior DDoS Protection

All of our CSGO servers come with at least 65 Gbps of Advanced DDoS protection. We have custom filtering rules that we update every day to ensure that your server is not targeted by a new type of DDoS attack.

Simplistic Control Panel

Our control panel is so easy to use that even a caveman can use it. We have made it so that you can easily create a CSGO server with little to no problems and run it within hours.

Custom Sub User System

We have designed our sub user system to be easy and fast. You can create sub users for your friends or developers within seconds and give them specific access to only do certain things like start and stop the server only.

High Performance Nodes

High Performance Servers

Anybody can provide a 32 player slot CSGO server but it doesn't mean that it will run it without hitting the limit of their servers on any tickrate other than the default (64) (usually from selected CPU). Our servers are specifically built to run source servers with high performance in mind.

customizable Tickrate

We allow you to choose your own tickrate (64 or 128). Many hosts charge extra for you to do this, we think that you should be entitled to it. The tickrate of the server does have a big impact on the hitbox calculations and is considerably smoother.

No Overload Guarantee

No Overloading Guarantee

We don't believe in overloading our servers in order to make more money. We limit each node to a certain amount of clients to ensure the max performance per service.

Simplified Control Panel

Simplified Control Panel

We developed our own custom control panel (GMCPanel) in order to provide our clients with a simple, sleek and efficient way to control their service.

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated Resources

We think that throttling resources because of other customers should be a thing of the past. We give you your own dedicated resources to ensure the best performance.

Free Webspace!

We give all our customers who buy game services free webspace. Keep in mind that by default we only support HTML, please contact us to lift this limitation.

Our Pricing:

Efficient Hosting

  • up to 32 player slot limit (contact for higher)
  • Limited to 50% of one CPU core
  • Advanced DDoS protection included (65 Gbps+/80Mpps)
  • Dedicated IP included (US East Only)
  • Linux operating system
  • Multiple locations available
  • Customizable server tickrate (64 or 128)

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