DDoS Protected Web Hosting

What makes us different from the rest?:

Superior DDoS Protection

All of our servers come with at least 65 Gbps of Advanced DDoS protection. We also route all traffic through Nginx which ensures that the traffic is valid.

Efficient Control Panel

We use Plesk for our control panel interface for our web hosting. This gives you a peace of mind when you are actually setting up and maintaining your website.

High Performance Nodes

Free SSL certificates!

We are able to provide free SSL certificates for ALL of our customers simply because everybody deserves security. This allows our clients to save money while providing your customers with a secure solution.

Customizable to suit your needs!

You are able to host websites for up to two domains by default. We will try our best to try to fit your needs into a package if this doesn't suit you. Contact us for more information.

No Overload Guarantee

No Overloading Guarantee

We don't believe in overloading our servers in order to make more money. We limit each node to a certain amount of clients to ensure the max performance per service.

Dedicated Resources

Access to our CDN!

Our custom CDN allows us to serve your website from three different locations (Utah, Montreal, London). We use an anycast based routing system to ensure that you connect to the closest location to you.

Our Pricing:

DDoS protected Web Hosting

  • Existing Domain is required before purchase
  • Plesk 12 Control Panel
  • Only available in Montreal
  • Advanced DDoS protection included (65 Gbps+/80Mpps)
  • Linux operating system
  • Usable with up to two domains
  • 50 GB Disk Space included
  • Up to 10 MySQL databases included
  • Unlimited Bandwidth per mo. included
  • Up to 25 mailboxes included

Have any questions, concerns or just want a full tour of our system?

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